B. Appendix: Screenshots

Figure B-1. Screenshot with Menubar, Toolbar, Buttonbar, and Shadowed Text on Pixmap Background

Notice there are four Tabs here, with the second one being the current Tab. This one also shows the Tab label and Window title can be the same with some applications (configurable option).


Figure B-2. Screenshot of Edit Commands Window with various custom Commands

Note the Class here is specified as "screenshots", and that Class has one custom start-up Tab called "Home". The user is in the process of defining a new Tab, that will use ssh to start a remote shell on another host.


Figure B-3. Screenshot of Keybindings Window with Default Settings


Figure B-4. Screenshot with Toolbar and Buttonbar disabled and with Shadowed Text

This also shows how "text shadowing" helps with text against a similarly colored background.


Figure B-5. Screenshot Showing Horizontal and Vertical Splitting

This shows a total of five terminals opened within the same Window using the HShell and VShell splitting features.


Figure B-6. Horizontal Split with a View Terminal

This one shows a horizontal split with a regular user shell in the top, and a "View" of tail -f /var/log/messages running on another host via ssh in the lower terminal. Tabs are on the bottom in this shot.


Figure B-7. Screenshot Showing Multiple Mailboxes

There are five Tabs in this shot, four of which are different mailboxes. Also, one Tab is just a normal shell. Notice two Tabs are "blue", so they are "changed" since last viewed, and presumably have new mail waiting.


Figure B-8. Screenshot with Most GUI Controls and Window Decorations Off


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