12. Authors and Credits

Cristiano De Michele is the creator and author of Multi Gnome Terminal.

Various people have contributed to Multi Gnome Terminal, in one way or another:

Most of the new features of Multi Gnome Terminal are the work of Cristiano. Other contributing developers that have made significant contributions include Soeren Sonnenburg and Guillermo Ontanon.

Erik Bourget, Stefan Kost and Jan Oberlaender have also contributed.

Multi-gnome-terminal is partially based on the original work of Michael Zucchi, Miguel de Icaza, Erik Troan and others. Multi Gnome Terminal also includes additional influences from screen, konsole, xterm, and Eterm.

This Guide was updated by Hal Burgiss for Multi Gnome Terminal and retains some of the original content written for Gnome Terminal by Miguel de Icaza and Michael Zucchi with minor contributions by Alexander Kirillov. Please send comments or suggestions on this documentation to .

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